The name given to the blog comes from a passage in the bible, that states:

For now we see through a glass darkly.

1 Corinthians 13:12

Surprisingly this appeared to me first in a movie(watched years ago), made by the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, called Through a Glass Darkly. The film is a masterpiece on its own, and a must-see for any cinephile(like myself).

But what really struck me the most was the underlying philosophical issue raised by it, that how we all construct a meaningful understanding of the world from the complexities of human experience. As the passage in corinthians says, that our ability to see the true essence of the world is obscured as if we were looking through a glass, darkly.

Seeing the reality clearly and unbiased it’s almost like being omniscient. We keep constantly forgetting that our understanding is limited, our perspective is only a portion of the whole.

I think that this probably resembles me a lot of my “profession”, having to deal with the uncertainty of things, while surrounded by people that seem so sure of their opinions.

Well, that’s it. I’ll try to post every now and then some interesting(or not) stuff about technology or anything else.

[image: David Mello]